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Turn Back the Block

Turn Back the Block is founded on the belief that home ownership is the axis for community transition. Using the existing housing stock in this historic mill village, Turn Back the Block enables individuals and families the opportunity to participate in the rehabilitation of their future homes via sweat equity. Our Family Selection and Shepherding Committee qualifies applicants and assists them in the process of home ownership, both before and after closing. Turn Back The Block offers low and interest- free mortgages to participants, and utilizes all payments to further our mission in Harrisburg. 

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Kingdom Here

Our mission is to literally be the hands and feet of Christ to those in their darkest hour by helping to meet their deepest needs. We are on a journey to transform our own lives from the ordinary lives we’ve been living for so long into radical lives filled with purpose and selflessness. In doing so it is our prayer that God’s KINGDOM will be established HERE just as it is in Heaven. We would love to have you on the journey with us. 

Icebox Ministries

Icebox Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps individuals, families and communities become more sustainable and productive. We teach people and neighborhoods about the benefits of local food networks and cooperation with their neighbors. We teach them how to raise their own food, how to cook it, how to preserve it, and we provide a place where that can happen—at our Harrisburg campus in downtown Augusta, GA. There we have event and classroom space, an urban garden, and a huge greenhouse. We also make our facilities available to and cooperate with other organizations that support healthy local food, biodiversity, social justice and creation care.  

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Heritage Academy

Heritage Academy is an independent school offering a quality Christ-centered education to children of diverse economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds, empowering them to become a positive influence for Christ in this community and around the world. Heritage Academy has an intentional mission to the children of low-income families.  

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G.R.O.W. Harrisburg

We are neighbors. We are families. We are friends. We are children. We are community organizations. We are students. We are volunteers.  WE ARE REGULAR FOLKS WORKING TOGETHER TO GROW, COOK AND EAT HEALTHY, WHOLE FOODS.